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Chiffon Dress With Buttoned Vest
($41.00 USD) 
Halter String Maxi Dress
($38.00 USD) 
Short Sleeved Dress With Flared Hem
($56.00 USD) 
Basic Shirt Dress
($40.00 USD) 
Chiffon Lace-Up Tweed Sneakers
($74.00 USD) 
Nail Stickers
($4.00 USD) 
Tank Top + Cardigan Set
($35.00 USD) 
Elastic Neck Front Crisscross Strap Blouse
($38.00 USD) 
Raglan Minnie Mouse Shirt
($33.00 USD) 
Sleeveless Sweetheart Seam Dress
($24.27 USD) 
Long "Keep Calm and Party On" Cardigan
($36.00 USD) 
Classic Slim Fit Knit Shirt
($19.00 USD) 
Loose Ruff Button Collar Dress
($59.43 USD) 
Oversized French Bulldog Tee
($32.00 USD) 
Back Letter Print Shirt
($40.00 USD) 
Pin-Tuck Waist Dress
($22.00 USD) 
Long Hooded Knitted Jacket
($66.61 USD) 
Snap Button Drawstring Waist Coat
($86.00 USD) 
Classic Comfy Skinny Pants
($27.00 USD) 
Houndstooth Jacket
($61.00 USD) 
BEIGE#221 Cardamine Purple Eye Shadow
($14.00 USD) 
BEIGE Fascinant Clear Brush Eyeliner
($16.00 USD) 
BEIGE#302 Call You Mine Peach Blush
($20.00 USD) 
BEIGE#261 Periwinkle Pearl Powder Gold Eye Shadow
($22.00 USD)