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Title 기분이 안 좋네요
Posted by (ip:)
  • Date 2021-01-15 13:17:07
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제가 어제 택배를 받고 기분이 들떴었는데, 뜯고 나서는 기분이 좀 안 좋았어요.

주문했던 물건 중에 3가지가 좀 문제가 있었어요.

Sparkles Tweed Cardigan_CHCK20DS15(1) 민트랑 핑크 둘다 샀는데 둘다 포장지가 엉망이더라구요.

 구겨지고 뜯겨 있어서 옷이 삐져 나와있더라구요. 

혹시라도 옷에 뭐가 묻거나 망가졌을까봐 살펴 봤는데 아직까지는 괜찮지만 좀 많이 찝찝하네요.

Venus Beauty Banded Dress(1)  핑크 샀는데 앞쪽 치마 부분에 검은 얼룩이 있더라구요.

사진에는 작아 보이지만 실제로 보면 꽤 선명하고 잘 보여요. 포장지에서 꺼냈는데 얼룩이 보고 정말 황당했습니다.

기름 얼룩처럼 보이는게 빨면 씻겨질지도 의문이고...

바쁘신건 정말 이해하지만, 고객의 입장에선 정말 기분이 안좋네요. 내돈 주고 새옷 산건데 꼭 헌옷이나 못 입는 옷 산거 같아 정말 기분이 안 좋습니다.

밑에 사진 첨구 했어요. 제가 산 옷들을 증명하기 위해 다시 옷을 봉지에 넣어서 찍었습니다.

뜯겨진 포장지는 잘 보이지 않아 봉지만 따로 어두운 바탕에 다시 찍었습니다.

Hello Bekah,


Thank you for contacting CHUU EN. We are deeply sorry about your unpleasant shopping experience.

We understand how distressing it can be to receive items that are not up to standard and we take this issue very seriously.


We are terribly sorry for the stained item you received, we have informed our quality control team about this and will discuss how to improve our quality evaluation methods. 

We would like to offer you a choice of refund below:

1) $20.01 USD to our card.

2) $25.01 USD refund as store credit directly to your account.


In regards to packaging issues your experienced, please note after reviewing CCTV in our warehouse, we can confirm that the items left in good condition. Unfortunately after leaving our warehouse items can be subject to harsh transit conditions causing some packaging to become crumbled and damaged. 

Also there are times when DHL opens packages during customs to further inspect the items, often this can lead to some damaged packaging too. 


We have taken a note of your experience and we strive to improve the experience of our valuable customers. We will review our system for packaging and look for alternative ways to deliver in order to ensure that delivery issues like these are prevented from now on.


We have also contacted you directly to your email to come up with a solution for you.

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