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Track Your Package:

Destination countries may levy taxes on your purchased goods, which the receiver will be responsible for. CHUU is not responsible for unpaid customs taxes, and will not provide refunds for orders sent back due to customs issues. Please check your country’s customs policies before placing your order.

Shipping Carriers
We ship with DHL Express expect the following countries:
* We ship to Hong-Kong and Singapore with SF Express
* European orders are shipped with EMS
For Greece and Italy orders, we are unable to use with EMS.Your order will ship with DHL Express. Please expect some taxes.
For the Netherlands, we are unable to use with EMS. Your order will ship with FEDEX.Please expect some taxes.
Please note that we are unable to ship to Ukraine at the moment. We are unable to ship to Russia.

Shipping Duration
Orders take 3-12 business days to process. Depending on the status of our manufacturers, some products may take longer. Because of the nature of the Korean fashion market, some delays are inevitable and can delay your order by up to 20 business days. Please kindly understand that CHUU does NOT offer cancellations due to these delays. One thing to note is that these delays are true for ALL customers of our brands, Korean and foreign alike. We would like to assure our customers that we will do everything we can to deliver your order as fast as possible to wherever you are. In case of delays, please know that we are working to serve you best. We would like to warn our customers in advance that all footwear are likely to take longer due to their popularity and manufacturing process. Please keep this in mind and order well in advance from the date you need it, to ensure they arrive in time! Your tracking code will be sent to you via email once it is shipped. Shipment takes 3-12 business days, although certain regions may take longer. If your package does not arrive within 8 business days from shipment, please contact our customer service center.

Failure to Deliver
CHUU is not responsible for packages sent back due to factors outside our control, such as the absence of the recipient, customs, etc. Additional shipping charges will result from such situations, which is not the same as our usual discounted shipping charge. When a shipment is sent back, there will be an email regarding the situation, and when proper action is not taken within 3 weeks, we reserve the right to dispose the shipment.

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